AAENDE - Argentine Society of Structural and Non Destructive Testing


The Argentine Society of Structural and Non Destructive Testing, AAENDE after its name in Spanish, is a nonprofit Argentine Society, which includes all sectors involved in Nondestructive and Structural Testing (ENDE) in industry, academia, services, regulatory bodies, education, training & personnel certification. It was founded in October 2002.


The Society’s purpose is to work for sustainable development through:

* Fostering education, training and career development in the areas of nondestructive and structural testing.

* Promoting scientific and technological research on the different inspection methods that make this discipline.

* Transferring the results of such researches to the cultural, academic and industrial communities of Argentina.


To achieve the fruitful cooperation of all parties in the field of nondestructive and structural testing, in order to contribute to the safe, harmonious and sustainable development of the productive, social and cultural infrastructure of Argentina.


AAENDE Activities

Diffusion and promotion of NDT&E in industry:

• Continual education for practitioners (conferences, seminars, courses).

• To Link the NDT sectors in the country.

• Promotion of cooperation projects between members (research and development).

• Representative of Argentina and its Personnel Certification System at ICNDT

• Promotion and support of the accredited Personnel Certification System of Argentina (IRAM-ISO 9712).

• Diffusion and promotion of new methods and techniques.

• Promotion of NDT&E in the whole community.

• Organization of the Regional Congress on Non Destructive and Structural Testing (CORENDE) on a biannual basis.

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