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AT – Automation Technology is an internationally known manufacturer of 3D sensors and infrared imaging systems. The company has more than 16 years of experience supplying the industry with NDT systems for R&D laboratories, mobile NDT solutions, as well as systems for in-line quality assurance in production processes.

The IRNDT system of AT - Automation Technology is a modular NDT solution that can easily customized to meet most application requirements. It supports all known active thermography techniques, such as Lockin-, Pulsed-, Transient-, Vibro-thermography and Thermal Stress Analysis, as well as a wide variety of excitation sources. Among those, IRNDT features halogen lamps, flash lamps, eddy current, Laser and ultrasound. Furthermore, other excitation sources can also be easily controlled through the digital and analogue outputs of the system’s electronics interface. As a result, customers receive a flexible and cost effective solution that can be upgraded at any time.

AT devotes also special attention to the user-friendly design of its systems. Therefore, the company maintains a regular exchange of information with its customers to keep its solutions on the cutting edge of technology. This assures the use of state-of-the-art technology and enables AT to have industry-specific NDT solutions for aerospace, automotive, electronics or plastics industries.

In addition, AT – Automation Technology is also a manufacturer of high-speed 3d sensors for fast and precise 3D scans by means of laser-triangulation. Each model of the CX series comes with different resolution, measuring speed, housing sizes, etc. and provides OEMs an excellent basis for the integration in their systems.

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WCNDT 2016

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