Belarus Society for NDT (BANDT&TD)


15 September 2016 will be 23 years as Belarus Association for NDT and Technical Diagnostics (BANDT&TD) appeared. BANDT&TD is the Belarus Society for NDT&TD which is the leader of this activity in the Republic Belarus. It coordinates the activities of more than 200 organizations in the field of NDT.

The Society is based in the Institute of Applied Physics of the Belarus Academy of Sciences (IAP) and its President, Prof., DR. Valeriy Vengrinovich, is simultaneously the head of the Laboratory of Computer Diagnostics  in IAP. V. Vengrinovich is well known scientist in the area of Magnetic Methods, especially micromagnetic Barkhausen Effect, he is also full member of the International Academy for NDT and  Russian Academy of Electrotechnics, published more than 350 books and articles. He was awarded with the Dresden Barkhausen Award (2008) and the Award of the National Academy of Sciences (2007).

From 1996 BANDT&TD is the Member of ICNDT and from 1998 – co-founder of European Federation of NDT.

BANDT&TD integrates as its members the Institute of Applied Physics, which interests are fully in the area of NDT and also Belarus-Russian University (Mogilev), Belarus Technical University (Minsk), Technical University named by Suchoi (Gomel), which have departments of NDT. Belarus has many machine building and chemical enterprises with highly developed NDT laboratories and personal. The BANDT&TD favors activity of several educational and certification centers for NDT&TD. BANDT&TD developed friendly contacts with many NDT Societies, especially Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Litvanian, Latvian, German and many other.

The governing body of   BANDT&TD is directory with 9 members. Two main Committees: educating (chief Prof.S.Sergeev) and procedural (chief Ing. V.Zalogo).  BANDT&TD is very active in the area of National legislation of NDT techniques and certification procedures. From 1993 this last activity is very well developed in Belarus. Our certification Center for NDT was basic in the former USSR. From 2004 National Certification Center certified 7320 professionals in NDT. In 2008 ICNDT Awarded Z.Nikiforova, S.Popoudina, V.Levkovich, S.Zinovieva with Havercroft Award for Recognition of their fundamental contribution to International Certification Activity.

In 1997   BANDT&TD signed MRA Contract for mutual recognition of certificates of personal with EFNDT, recognized the European Standard   EN47392 and introduced  it as a State one. We try to help our professionals to establish useful contacts with partners from abroad. For this we organize 4-5 Seminars per year (already 95 for the whole), concerning different areas of NDT. BANDT&TD  organized 5 competitions in different Methods of  NDT. Strong attention is paid to the introducing in practice the new methods of Structural Health Monitoring, Prognosis and Health Management Intellectual Data Processing, 3D Imaging and so on. . All our activities are in the main streamline of ICNDT and EFNDT. We participate in all World and European Conferences of NDT and SHM. 

From 2008 BANDT&TD with IAP issue quarterly the full text Scientific Journal “NDT and Diagnostics” with 5-6 papers in each issue.  The Journal is in the index list of recognized scientific magazines in the Republic Belarus. Its chief editor Prof. V.Vengrinovich.

Prof. Dr. Valeriy Vengrinovicdh
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WCNDT 2016

The 19th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing from 13-17 June 2016 in Munich, Germany is the most important event in our global NDT community.

You are cordially invited.