DolphiTech provides advanced ultrasound cameras for 2D and 3D test and inspection of materials. The DolphiCam is a family of mobile and ergonomic ultrasound camera systems designed for NDT inspection of composite material structures. A unique transducer technology with high performance signalling electronics creates high-resolution 2D and 3D images of suspected damaged areas to verify the status of the material. 

DolphiCam main features: 

  • Inspection of Composite Materials up to 16 mm in thickness
  • A-, B- and C-scan images (Amplitude and Time-of-Flight modes)
  • Silicone based dry coupling
  • Manual stitching support makes it easy to cover larger areas
  • Camera settings are easily stored and retrieved for quick configuration
  • Connects to a standard Windows PC or Tablet 
  • Very portable and easy to use


The DolphiCam product family includes: 

  • DolphiCam Expert. All the functionalities a NDT expert need to perform inspections of composite structures
  • DolphiCam TeamCenter, a team software allowing non-NDT Expert to inspect composite structures reducing, cost and time. Optimized for Manufacturing and In-Service industries. 
  • DolphiCam Research and DataAnalyzer, adds advanced features to the standard DolphiCam Expert software. Specially designed for Universities and R&D Departments. 
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Product and Service Categories

  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
    • Instruments
    • Probes
    • Scanners
    • Analysis Software
    • Phased Array - Instruments
    • Phased Array - Probes


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WCNDT 2016

The 19th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing from 13-17 June 2016 in Munich, Germany is the most important event in our global NDT community.

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