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Imaginos NDE has one aim, to offer the NDT industry advanced solutions for their application issues, including PAUT equipment, Sherography technology, UT Cameras, NDT Inspection Software and Scanners, UT Cleaning Systems, CT Imagining Software and RT Film Scanners.

Laser Technology Inc: The team will be able to demonstrate the LTI-2100M Compact Digital Shearography Camera. Designed to inspect a wide range of composite materials across many industries in a fast and accurate manner. The LTI-2100M is lightweight and rugged and offers exceptional shearography image quality with 12-bit hi-definition sensor and diffraction limited optics.

PRAGMA: The PRAGMA technology has been designed and developed by an advanced NDT team. PRAGMA offer a range of PAUT solutions including the 16/128 PRAGMALite and various inline and scanning accessories.

Accoustocam UT Camera: The Accoustocam i600 and i700 UT Camera from Imperium Inc. add a new dimension to inspection, ideal for any level of inspector to use easily and effectively.

Eclipse Scientific Inc Inspection Recording Software & Scanners: At Imaginos NDE we are proud to represent all of the Eclipse Scientific products including the industry known ESBeamTool along with bolt and flange scanners and various software solutions.

Buhral UT Cleaning Systems: Instrumental to the production of many products by offering state-of-the-art UT cleaning, rinsing and drying processes.

3DII CT Imaging Software: 3DII specialises in X-ray imaging software and application-specific defect inspection software. The 3DII range offers both 2D and 3D imaging software for the customer, including the ability to adapt the software to be application-specific to your needs.

MICROTEK RT Film Scanners: MICROTEK has been producing innovative scanning solutions for over three decades, and still continues to make technology breakthroughs in scanning solutions.

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WCNDT 2016

The 19th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing from 13-17 June 2016 in Munich, Germany is the most important event in our global NDT community.

You are cordially invited.