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The high flexibility of Ingenieurbüro Dr. Hillger founded in 1984 provides customer specialised systems for the quality control and high resolution ultrasonic imaging of defects in high-tech materials like composites, ceramics and in materials with high sound attenuation
like concrete and composite sandwich components. These materials require special adoptions of ultrasonic testing in order to get results with a high degree of evidence. The systems can also inspect metallic components especially thin parts (electrical relays
contacts). Therefore we cover a frequency range from 10 kHz to 200 MHz. Our highlights are low-frequency UT (f< 1 MHz), high-frequency UT (f> 30 MHz), air-coupled UT and SHM (structural health monitoring).

Typical highlights are: the high frequency imaging system USPC 3060 UHF (up to 200 MHz) with an immersion tank and three axis scanning system and the USPC 4000 AirTech with a FlatScan scanner for the inspection of plates. The built-in computer with our software Hillgus enables all settings, data acquisition and evaluation including image enhancement. All systems are of modular design and provide an easy operation for imaging with A-, B-, Bt-, C- and D-scans including full wave-data recording. Different types of manual scanning and motor driven manipulators are available. The MUSE (Mobile UltraSonic Equipment) provides local immersion technique for in-fi eld inspections (scanning speed up to 1 m/s).

Our systems are used in research and development (e. g. BAM Berlin, DLR, FHG), as well in the (aircraft) industries (e. g. Airbus Stade, Bremen) and at universities (e. g. Riga, Latvia). The co-operation with RoboTechnology enables setups for the non-contact inspection of complex aerospace components. References are a system for the tailboom of the EC 145 in Donauwörth (Airbus Helicopters) and two large systems for RUAG in Switzerland.

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Hillger
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