Non-destructive Carbon Fiber Testing

SURAGUS provides innovative, non-destructive testing solutions for carbon fiber materials. We manufacture testing devices to analyze the texture of carbon fiber preforms, fabrics, non-wovens, and fleece without coupling media. The technology can depict up to 7 differently oriented layers and can fiber distribution/ orientation in each layer can be determined. This layer separation allows also to detect possible defects and errors in the material. Besides standard lab and inline solutions, we offer typically customize the products to meet the particular properties of your carbon fiber textile or part. Additionally, SURAGUS offers solutions to determine the fiber areal weight and degree of anisotropy of carbon fiber material. As a spin-off from the Fraunhofer society, we have strong scientific background and continuously improve our products. This technology has be acknowledged with the following awards: 17. Innovation Award from Saxony 2013 and the JEC Asia Innovation Award NDT 2013.

The novel non-destructive testing technology applies the electrical conductivity of carbon fiber in order to investigate the inner texture. In particular, fiber orientation and distribution or gaps, misalignment and fuzzy balls can be determined in carbon fiber textiles, fabrics, preforms and composites.

Carbon Fiber Texture -
Fiber orientation, stacking and the fiber distribution or spacing

Carbon Fiber Defects -
distortions & misalignments, wrinkles & overlaps, fuzzy balls, gaps & undulations, impacts & delaminations

Carbon Fiber Areal Weight -
The novel eddy current-based technology allows to determine the fiber areal weight of carbon fiber fabrics without contact.

EddyCus CF map 4040BW
EddyCus CF inline BW
EddyCus CF map 4040
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