SECU-CHEK is a technology leading manufacturer of UV-LED-sources, especially designed and made for fluorescent inspection by experienced NDT-professionals and engineers in Germany.

SECU-CHEK is a sister company of RIL-CHEMIE, which has more than 60 years of experience in Magnetic- and Penetrant-Testing.

SECU-CHEK presents the all-new, revolutionary UV-LED-lamp series H1 with groundbreaking features, like integrated adaption time signalization, for easy, fast and secure inspection. The innovative electronic UV-LED-monitoring allows the usage of H1 UV-LED-lamps without additional daily checks and records.

The lamps of the UVE-series are the only UV-LED-lamps actually in the NDT market that can work as secure and reliable as bulb-based UV-sources, while emitting up to 4 times more UV-Power than comparable UV-LED sources from other manufacturers.

3 subseries with different features, configurations (3 to 6 UV-LEDs, spot or flood) and groundbreaking white-light functions are available. The stepless automatic white-light dimming features in combination with the adjustable white light output gives the users matchless vision options by seeing ‘films’ showing the transition of indications, instead of loss of focus and sharpness while flash blinding the eyes, when switching white-light.

All series fulfill actual ASTM- and ISO-standards. The UVN- and UVE-series are designed and prepared to meet also upcoming ASTM-, ISO and Prime (NADCAP)-requirements. They come with the SECU-CHEK own guaranteed requalification possibility for upcoming ASTM and ISO standards (until 2017). The UVE series exceeds the actual Aerospace benchmark qualification Rolls-Royce RRES90061.

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